Frequently asked questions

Step 1:

Fill out the Contact Form or send Dennis an email. Let him know about your project and what you’re trying to achieve. Please include a sample of your script.

To help Dennis provide a demo of the read, please include the following details:

  • the nature of the script project
  • where and how the voiceover will be used
  • how long the project will be used for
  • the budget
  • the deadline for delivery
  • file specifications (mp3, AIFF, wav)

Step 2:

Dennis will contact you with a quote and a sample recording of your script.

Step 3:

If the demo and the terms are acceptable, email your confirmation and provide Dennis with a complete script (doc, docx., pdf, rtf, Pages).

Please make sure the script is correct and accurate as any changes could result in additional charges.

Step 4:

Dennis will record the full script of your voiceover, according to your specifications. He’ll send you an mp3, AIFF, or wav file of the recording. He’ll also send you an invoice – via PayPal or an emailed pdf. If necessary, you may listen in on the recording session and give live direction using Skype or Zoom.

Step 5:

Once you are fully satisfied with the recording, the project is completed and you pay the invoice.

This is a collaborative relationship, and Dennis will endeavour to always tell your story exactly the way you want it to be told. If you feel that there’s been a mispronunciation or that the read is not quite right, please contact him with specific directions on what you want to be re-recorded. Dennis will complete the re-recording according to your instructions.

He’s dependable and has the highest standards and deadline oriented. With his background as a script writer, content writer, news writer, and university lecturer, he’s a seasoned storyteller, steeped in the craft of engaging different types of audience.

A voiceover is a narration that viewers or listeners hear without seeing the person speaking. The person who delivers the narration is also somewhat confusingly called a voiceover. But more accurately, this trained professional is called a voiceover artist.

Voiceovers are an easy and highly effective way to direct people to your product or service. You may not be aware that voiceovers could be your secret weapon to help you engage with your target audience, build your brand authority, unify your various teams, and grow a following of loyal customers. With the right voiceover artist, you increase the chances of your message resonating with your audience.

With his years of experience as a university lecturer and writer of video scripts, news stories, and educational and B2B content, Dennis is a natural fit for eLearning, training, and explainer voice overs. But his storytelling prowess and authoritative voice also make him effective for the following types of voiceover:

  • TV and video documentaries
  • Voice recording for on-hold messages and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems
  • Corporate videos
  • TV commercials
  • Audio tours
  • Language listening comprehension material
  • Audio books
  • White board animation

Dennis also provides proof reading of scripts translated from other languages.
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Dennis is a British-born male voice over artist who has lived in Canada for many years. He speaks with a neutral London accent but can also approximate a Transatlantic accent. His voice has been described as articulate and clear with a warm, bright, friendly, yet authoritative quality. Dennis’s voice age ranges from the 30s to the 50s.

It depends on the deadline and size of the project, of course. But 24-48 hours is Dennis’s target time frame for getting the recording to you once he’s received your confirmation email and final script.

The most commonly used audio files are mp3 and wav, but Dennis can provide others upon request.

Dennis’s standard payment terms are within 28 days of you receiving the final audio files and invoice.

Dennis accepts payment via bank transfer, PayPal or Wise transfer. All payment details will be provided on your invoice.

Yes, you can. Call in via Source Connect, Skype, Google Meets, Zoom, Cleanfeed, Whatsapp, or any messaging service, and you can listen in to the recording or give instructions first hand from anywhere in the world.

Yes, you definitely can. Listening to a custom demo recording will help you to be sure that Dennis’s voice suits your words. Please send him your script and he’ll record a bespoke demo and get it back to you as soon as possible. Fill out the details of your voiceover project here.

Be reassured that your script will be recorded using high-end audio products in an acoustically controlled environment. Dennis records in his custom-built, professional-grade, double-walled, soundproofed voice booth, with an audio chain consisting of one of the voice over industry’s most widely praised microphones – the Sennheiser MK 4 Condenser Microphone, a Focusrite 18i8 Third-Generation USB Audio Interface, and industry-standard Adobe Audition recording software.
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