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Straightforward, confident, and friendly, listening to Dennis’s voice is like listening to a friend or a close family member. Someone you feel comfortable with, someone you can trust.

mark cashman

high level of commitment and attention to detail

“Dennis brings insightfulness and passion to every project he narrates. I always get a high level of commitment and attention to detail in his performances.”

Marc Cashman, Voice President

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Companies and institutions are increasingly shifting from in-person training supplemented by online learning to self-led computer-based learning. Additionally, more people are seeking out opportunities for screen-free learning through audio content, such as audiobooks, podcasts, and social media apps like Clubhouse.

As one of the few voiceovers who has also worked as a writer of scripts for eLearning, onboarding, training modules, radio news stories, and podcasts, Dennis knows what it takes to deliver a message simply, authentically, and with personality. He gets it. He understands the language of storytelling.

Dennis holds a PhD in Creative Writing and English and has had a 15-plus-year career as a university lecturer. This experience allows him to deliver eLearning and training content with the right combination of confidence, skill, and enthusiasm to keep learners engaged and motivated.

The market for online videos has grown dramatically over the last few years. There’s an Explainer video on almost every website these days. These videos are 60-90 seconds long, and they typically explain how to use a product or service or they present solutions to problems associated with those products or services. Since they are usually upbeat and friendly videos, they require an engaging and amiable voiceover talent with personality.

Dennis’s warm, friendly, and approachable vocal style on your explainer project will help you and your brand stand out.

Let’s bring your explainer video to life!

With commercial spots, every word counts., they need to sound believable, authentic, and natural. Dennis' versatility, warm voice and neutral, non-region-specific British accent (which can range from London to Transatlantic) will convey friendliness, trustworthiness, and the mood your brand needs.

Companies use corporate narration videos to promote their products, services, and values. Often of high quality, corporate narration projects need a charismatic and evocative voice to create a certain mood for the narration.

Dennis’s precise delivery and warm, distinguished sound will give your corporate messaging a distinctive edge and quality.

Narrative is a style of voiceover delivery that’s characterised by its emotional impact and authentic delivery. It informs and opens vistas of the imagination to the listener. Long form narration is most commonly associated with audiobooks. But there are many other forms of long form narration on the internet now. These may include documentaries, medical narrations, training films, corporate training, marketing presentations, and recruitment promotions. The long form style can work just as well for shorter scripts as it does for longer reads.

Dennis’s even, warm, inviting, and natural tone is one that’s very effective with longer form styles, but it’s versatile enough to easily switch over to commercials and your other shorter projects.

When telephone callers get put on hold, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) presents them with a menu of information pre-recorded by a voiceover talent. In this interaction, the system processes the caller’s response, offering additional voice-activated options.

Customers are usually calling into an IVR system because they need solutions to urgent problems, and they may be put on hold for a while. That’s why it’s very important for them to interact with a voice that sounds calm, friendly, empathetic, and truly human. That’s where Dennis comes to the rescue. He can help your customers keep their cool and get their questions answered. His years of experience as a university lecturer, patiently dealing with students’ many questions make him a natural choice. Dennis’s reassuring, confident voice will resonate with callers of all ages.


Dennis LM Lewis is a premium male voiceover talent based in Southern Ontario, Canada. Thoroughly trained in the fundamental voiceover skills of microphone technique, breathing, timing, eye-brain-mouth coordination, enunciation and pronunciation, acting, analysis and interpretation, and taking direction, Dennis also possesses expressive versatility and storytelling abilities. eLearning and Explainer videos are his forte: they’re the genres of voiceover where his years of deep experience in the world of academia, university teaching and educational content creation is brought fully to bear.

Dennis is keenly aware that delivering an impactful eLearning or Explainer voiceover involves much more than merely reading learning material out loud. These types of voiceover narrations demand an ability to come to grips with the complex language of the technical, financial, legal, and medical industries. When working in eLearning, it’s vitally important also that the voiceover actor pays close attention to the flow and nuances of the Learning Management System (LMS) script in order to give a reading that’s professional and engaging.

Both eLearning and Explainer voiceovers are most successful when they’re narrated by a voice talent who plays close attention to textual nuances while also sounding authentic and informative. They require confidence, professionalism, and an ability to truly engage the listener.

Collaborating with talented corporate training professionals, marketing and communications specialists, instructional designers, and content developers, Dennis delivers voiceover recordings that are warm, intelligent, authoritative, and clear. He engages your learners, trainees, and listeners – and keeps them coming back for more.

Learning never sounded like so much fun.

Dennis delivers educational and commercial voiceover services for local businesses and for clients worldwide.

Whether you’re a big brand, a smaller brand, an industrial designer, content developer, or corporate training team, he can make your life easier.