What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are short, and often animated, films that are created to convey a concept or a product to viewers. They typically last 90 seconds and feature visuals and entertaining scripts to capture the attention of their audience.

What Dennis Brings to Explainer Videos

But one of the most crucial factors in making them a hit with your customers is the explainer video narrator you choose, and Dennis should be your first choice. His training with some of the world’s best voiceover coaches, his more than 20 years as a communicator and content creator in education, as well as his years in the news broadcast industry have equipped Dennis with the skills, experience, and versatility to deliver material on a variety of subjects. He is primed and ready for your many different explainer video narration projects – whether they’re in the financial, automotive, insurance, healthcare and gaming industries, or they involve cloud computing, mobile malware protection and other high-tech products.

Whether serious, whimsical, comical, with an attitude, or something in between – if your explainer video requires a voice, Dennis will deliver with accuracy and style. Check out Dennis’s Demos below to hear for yourself.

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