What Is e-Learning?

eLearning is a form of voice over which presents learning material to learners or trainees online rather than in person. It can take different forms: the speaker could be reading material to the learners and giving them more information than what is on-screen, or the speaker could speak to the learners in a more informal tone as if having a conversation with them.

Photo by Marcus Aurelius
Photo by Marcus Aurelius

eLearning can take place on a desktop computer, smartphone, laptop, and other types of mobile devices. The biggest difference between eLearning and traditional face-to-face learning, however, is that  the material can be pre-recorded and it doesn’t need to happen live.

Evolving Trends in eLearning

Over the last decade or so eLearning has been growing in popularity, with businesses and educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities embracing this new approach to learning. At the end of 2019, the eLearning market was worth about US$187.877 billion. But a year later, the pandemic hit, and there has been an exponential growth in the remote learning industry. Now that issues like health and safety and the communication of accurate information on regulatory compliance and company policies have become more important than ever, companies are increasingly turning to professional voices.

What Dennis Brings to eLearning Voice Overs

The one thing that remains as the foundation of communicating the information and knowledge in eLearning is the human connection. That is what Dennis brings as a premium male voice over talent, both to the process of working together with your production team and to the project itself. He has a passion for teaching and for making human connections through stories. He knows the importance of understanding the text in all its nuanced meanings and communicating clearly and simply. He can engage and guide your audience and thus enhance their learning.

With the remote learning industry growing every day, communicating your educational and training content in a clear and compelling way is more important than ever. eLearning now includes augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile apps, and speech applications. Dennis has the skills and versatility to work with them all and is able to adapt to new formats with ease.

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